National footpaths

Luxembourg has a national network of footpaths, adding to 870 km. In addition, quite a few GRs pass through Luxembourg. There are also parts of the Escap'ardennes paths, and Nat'$our paths, to mention just a few of the many well-marked trails that can be found in Luxembourg.

You can also find them on the Internet in French here


Sentier Date Part of sentier
Sentier de la Vallée des Sept Chateaux 5/1/2010 Gaichel (Eischen)- Koerich
Sentier de la Vallée des Sept Chateaux 2/3/2010 Koerich-Bour
Sentier de la Vallée des Sept Chateaux 6/4/2010 Bour-Mersch
Fred Welter Path (Northern part) 4/5/2010 Consdorf-Scheidgen (-Consdorf)
Fred Welter Path (Southern part) 1/6/2010 Consdorf-Scheidgen (-Consdorf) Bring a torch!
Lower-Sûre Path 6/7/2010 Wasserbillig-Born (~9km)
Lower-Sûre Path 3/8/2010 Echternach-Born (~15km)
South Path 1 7/9/2010 Dudelange-Leudelange(~16km)
South Path 1 5/10/2010 Leudelange-Luxembourg(~16km)
Maurice Cosyn Path 2/11/2010 Beaufort-Diekirch (~16km)
Maurice Cosyn Path 7/12/2010 Beaufort-Echternach(~19km)
Moselle Path 4/1/2011 Schengen-Wintrange (~11km)
Battle of the Bulge Walk 1/2/2011 led by David Heal
Moselle Path 22/3/2011 Wintrange-Greiveldange
Moselle Path 4/4/2011 Greiveldange-Grevenmacher
Moselle Path 3/5/2011 Grevenmacher-Wasserbillig
Corneliuspfad 7/6/2011 From Troisvieges and back
Circuit du Lac 5/7/2011 Arsdorf-Lultzhausen (South bank)
Panorama Walk 2/8/2011 Troine to Wiltz
Panorama Walk 9/8/2011 Troine to Troisvierges
Préizerdaul Path 6/9/2011 Arsdorf to Pratz (Bettborn) 15km Path symbol ---circle
Préizerdaul Path 4/10/2011 Pratz (Bettborn) to Ettelbruck 16km Path symbol ---circle
Sentier des Mineurs 1/11/2011 Ladmadelaine to Oberkorn 18km Path anticlockwise Path symbol ---circle
Sentier des Mineurs 5/12/2011 Ladmadelaine to Oberkorn clockwise 16km Path symbol ---circle
Victor Hugo Path 3/01/2012 Brandenbourg to Ettelbruck 11km Path symbol ---triangle
Victor Hugo Path 7/02/2012 Brandenbourg to Vianden 13km Path symbol ---triangle
Sentier Charles Mathieu 6/03/2012 Hoscheid to Vianden 13km Path symbol ---cross
Sentier Charles Mathieu 3/04/2012 Hoscheid to Wiltz (or Merkholtz) symbol ---cross
Attert Path 3/05/2012 Martelange to Redange (23.5km) ---circle
Attert Path 5/06/2012 Redange to Useldange (10km) ---circle (lunch at Anna V's)
Attert Path 3/07/2012 Useldange to Mersch (18.5km) ---circle (coffee & croisants at Anna V's)
Path along the Our 7/08/2012 (Heinerscheid) Tintesmillen - Waiswampach
Path along the Our 4/09/2012 (Heinerscheid) Tintesmillen - Kohnenhaff (Hosingen)
Path along the Our 2/10/2012 Stoltzembourg - Kohnenhaff (Hosingen)
Path along the Our 6/11/2012 Stoltzembourg -Vianden
Path along the Our 4/12/2012 Vianden-Ettelbruck
  1/01/2013 No walk
North Path 5/02/2013 Weiswampach-Maulusmillen
North Path 5/03/2013 Maulusmillen- Wilwerwiltz
North Path 2/04/2013 Wilwerwiltz-Goebelsmillen
North Path 7/05/2013 Goebelsmillen- Diekirch
Schengen-Hellange 4/06/2013 Hellange-Mondorf
Schengen-Hellange 2/07/2013 Mondorf-Schengen
Wiltz Path 6/08/2013 Goebelsmillen - Wiltz
Sentier du Sud 2 3/09/2013 Rodange - Belval/Rédange
Sentier du Sud 2 1/10/2013 Belval/Rédange - Schifflange
Sentier du Sud 2 5/11/2013 Schifflange - Rumeldange
Sentier du Sud 2 3/12/2013 Hellange - Rumeldange
Sentier du Mëllerdall 7/01/2014 Bourglinster - Dommeldange
Sentier du Mëllerdall 4/02/2014 Bourglinster - Consdorf
Sentier du Mëllerdall 4/03/2014 Consdorf - Echternach
Sentier de la Haute-Sûre 1/04/2014 Martelange - Arsdorf (16km)
Sentier de la Haute-Sûre 6/05/2014 Arsdorf - Esch-sur-Sûre (21km)
Sentier de la Haute-Sûre 3/06/2014 Esch-sur-Sûre - Goebelsmillen (16km)
Sentier de la Haute-Sûre 1/07/2014 Goebelsmillen - Ettelbruck (16km)
Relais Clervaux-Our 4/08/2014 Clervaux to the Our River and back again
Sentier Adrien Ries 2/09/2014 Ettelbruck-Ettelbruck
Sentier Adrien Ries 7/10/2014 Diekirch-Ettelbruck
Sentier Adrien Ries 4/11/2014 Ettelbruck-Diekirch
Delux Nat'Our 6 2/12/2014 Vianden-Vianden
Müllertal Route 1 6/01/2015 Moersdorf- Echternach (anticlockwise)
Müllertal Route 1 3/02/2015 Moersdorf- Echternach (clockwise)
Müllertal Route 2 3/03/2015 Altrier - Echternach (anticlockwise)
Müllertal Route 2 7/04/2015 Altrier - Echternach (anticlockwise)
Nat'Our Route 5 5/05/2015 Vianden to Burg Falkenstein & back
Nat'Our Route 4 2/06/2015 Biwels to Burg Falkenstein & back
Nat'Our Route 3 7/7/2015 Gemümd to the Eisenbachs and back
Nat'Our Route 2 4/8/2015 Dasburg Pont to Tintismillen & back
Walk around Schengen 1/9/2015 led by Roland
Esch-Obercorn-Belval-Differdange 6/10/2015 led by Jacques
Michelau to Kautenbach 3/11/2015 led by Victoria
via Caliga 1/12/2015 In the path of the Romans
via Caliga 5/1/2016 led by Peter
Natura 200 2/2/2016 Around Gaalgebierg near Esch/Alzette
CFL 23 1/3/2016 Rumelange to Kayl
CFL 22 5/4/2016 Rumelange to Burange
CFL 20 3/5/2016 Burange to Bettembourg
CFL 20 7/6/2016 Bettembourg to Kockelscheuer
Nat'Our 1 5/7/2016 Dreiländereck to Tintismühle and back
Escap'Ardennes 2/8/2016 Wiltz to Derenbach
  6/9/2016 led by Jacques
Escap'Ardennes Lee Trail Etape 1 4/10/2016 Bourscheid Millen to Ettelbruck
new CFL 17 1/11/2016 Lorenzweiler to Dommeldange
  6/12/2016 Organized by Ursula
GR5 3/1/2017 Beaufort to Gilsdorf
Hondsbësch Trail 7/2/2017 Niederkorn to Lasuavage
Escap'Ardennes Lee Trail Etape 2 7/3/2017 Schlindermanderscheid to Bourscheid Millen
Escap'Ardennes Lee Trail Etape 3 4/4/2017 Hoscheid to Kautenbach
Escap'Ardennes Boucle transfrontalier 2/5/2017 Gouvy to Troisvierges
Felsenweg 1 6/6/2017 Led by Jacques
Escap'Ardennes Canal de Bernistap 4/7/2017 From Houffelt to Travigny & back
Sentier de la Petite Suisse 1/8/2017 From Larochette to Mersch
Sentier de la Petite Suisse 5/9/2017 From Beaufort to Larochette
Escap'Ardennes Boucle transfrontalier 3/10/2017 From Hachiville to Gouvy